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After the shooting incident, Freeport workers continue the plan to strike



The protest action of PT. FI workers in front of Mimika Court on Thursday (April 20th) afternoon – IST

Jakarta, Jubi – Two of the five victims of Thursday shooting incident in front of the Mimika Court, Mimika Regency, Papua April 20th 2017 who had been treated at Mimika General Hospital were allowed to go home on the evening.

A member of Working Unit Advocacy Team of the Chemical, Energy and Mining Workers Union (PUK SP-KEP) Tri Puspita ensured the incident took place were nothing to do with the recent Freeport issues.

“This incident is not related to the latest issue of Freeport dispute, for Freeport negotiation is handled by the existing union leaders,” Tri Puspita told Jubi via telephone on Thursday night (April 20th).

Around 1000 workers came to Mimika Court on Thursday afternoon to support Sudiro, SPSI PT FI leader. The action, according to Tri Puspita was part of the strike plan of SPSI PT. Freeport employees to commemorate International Labor Day of May 1, 2017. But the shooting incident is not related to their strike plan.

Condemn the incident

One of the shooting victim of PT. FI workers in Mimika Regional Hospital April 20th 2017 – IST

The shooting incident injured five people; four of them are employees of PT. Freeport Indonesia. According to Mimika Public Relation Public Relations, Lucky Mahakena, the four were hit by rubber bullets. They were Muhammad Faidsal (25), wounded on the left buttock, Zainal Arifin (44) wounded on the right thigh, Puguh Prihantono (39) wounded on the lower left knee and Andrian W Santoso (38) wounded on the left foot below the knee.

Tri Puspita condemns the incident. According to him, the police should have understood and implemented the basic procedures of handling protest actions toward around 1000 people in front of the court.

“We deeply regret the attitude and actions of the security apparatus, because these things should be the common procedures of the police to handle. We will ask the union central leadership to complain to the National Police to have it investigated,“ Tri said.

Reported by Antara (April 20th), the court rejected the exception proposed by the Sudiro’s lawyer, chairman of SPSI PT Freeport. The judge stated that the alleged embezzlement case of PT Freeport SPSI funds amounting to Rp3.3 billion continued to the examination stage of witnesses. These processes are rejected by the SPSI members of PT. FI.

Thursday night, Chief of Mimika Resort Police, Papua AKBP Victor Dean Mackbon, as quoted by Antara has apologized related to the shooting incident by his members at the Timika Town Court building Thursday afternoon.

“As an apparatus, we apologize for this unwanted incident, it will not happen if the workers do not break the rules. We hope the situation in Timika remains calm,” Victor said.

Freeport ignore

Following the incident, SPSI PT. FI to launch the strike is till continue.

“Because Freeport is still ignoring the people demand, we then agreed to organize strike. So today we issue a strike notice from May 1 to a month, coinciding with Mayday (international Labor Day), and “said Puspita.

The demands of trade unions for PT. FI, among others are to dismiss employee layoff processes that are inconsistent with legislation. Their strike plan will continue until it opens space and doors for negotiations. They also accused that the process is a form of union busting since it targeted the most outspoken workers.

“Employees layoff process is still ongoing; they are even offered to resign by phone. Up until now, around 700 Freeport (permanent and direct contract) workers have been layoff, together with the sub-contract can reach around 3000’s workers,” said Tri.

Tri also suspect there is an indication that the employee layoff as an ‘act of revenge’ by PT. FI against employees who involved in a mass strike movement in 2011.

“There are indications of ‘revenge’ against workers who participated in 2011 strike. Our commissioner was hit (laid off) too, it’s like ‘cleaning up’,” said Tri which is also in the position ‘waiting’ for his ‘next status’.

“This whole situation has been very uncomfortable for the workers because there is no clarity for our next status. Freeport management said they have not reached the target to lay off workers,” he said.

Related to the growing demand for PT. Freeport to be closed for auditing, Tri Puspita said the workers are ready to support if it can solve all problems caused by PT. FI.

“In principle, the workers (in relation to Freeport’s closure demands) will support if it will resolve all these issues related to Freeport. We see that Freeport is increasingly ignore and stubborn after years of profit accumulation. Freeport still does not want to compromise and submit to the laws in our country, “said Tri with a tone of annoyance.(*)


Papua Bangkit Stadium will ready in March 2019



Papua Bangkit Stadium. – Jubi/Alex

Jayapura, Jubi – Sports Department of Papua Province is targeting the construction of Papua Bangkit Stadium which meets the FIFA standard located in Kampung Harapan, Jayapura Regency will finish in March 2019

Meanwhile, the Department Head of infrastructure management of Sports and Youth Provincial Office Bernard Sitorus claimed the construction has 97 per cent finished. It only needs small finishing works.

We continue to push our works, so it would be ready when President Widodo come for its launching,” Sitorus told reporters in Jayapura on Thursday (24/1/2019).

This 45,000-capacity stadium that spent approximately IDR 1.3 trillion of Papua Provincial Budget would be one of the biggest stadiums built in the eastern Indonesia region.

Separately, Dolly Abu Zain, the Site Engineering Manager of PT PP Tbk, added to accelerate the construction, approximately 900 workers were involved in this project, and some facilities including LED and electronic scoreboard have already been installed.

Meanwhile, the instalment of paving blocks for road access to the stadium has 100 per cent completed, as well as the roof installation. Now the homework left is to finish the instalment of the synthetic track.

“Meanwhile, it only needs small finishing works for the inside of the stadium. All chairs (for the audience) already installed,” said Dolly. (*)


Reporter: Alexander Loen

Editor: Pipit Maizer

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Governor’s objection to Freeport not be regarded as a political decision



The illustration of Freeport Indonesia’s mining area.- Jubi/IST

Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan Parliament member of Commission I Yonas Nusy expect people do not regard the Papuan governor’s decision to object the letter of the Environment and Forestry Ministry on the recommendation of 1000 hectares of lands to Freeport for mining exploration from the political perspective.

“The governor’s decision should not be regarded as a political objection, but it’s more to his attempt to protect the protected forest area and Lorentz National Park,” said Nusy on Wednesday (23/1/2019).

Besides, according to him, the expansion of Freeport’s mining exploration areas should be further discussed with the customary landowners. “Even though Papua is part of Indonesia, this land (Papua) is the land of indigenous. Therefore, its customary law should be respected,” he said.

Meanwhile, Papuan Regional Secretary Herry Dosinaen said about Papuan Governor’s response on the ministry’s letter to permit 1000 hectares of land for Freeport’s mining area concession.

“Last time they asked for 2800 hectares, and now more 1000 hectares. But the governor refused it,” said Dosinaen.

He said the reason behind this objection is because the area is part of the forest conservation area and Lorentz National Park that is protected by the government. (*)


Reporter: Arjuna Pademme

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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Freeport’s tax debt affects Papuan Regional Budget 2019



The illustration of tax payment. -Jubi/IST

Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan Primary Regional Budget (APBD) 2019 reportedly decreased to IDR 13.9 trillion from IDR 14.142 trillion last year due to Freeport’s tax debt on the water surface.

Papuan Provincial Secretary Hery Dosinaen said the tax debt affected the decline of provincial income that then droved to the decrease of the total revenue of the main provincial budget.

“Provincial revenue has decreased because we cannot meet our target due to the delayed tax payment by Freeport,” said Dosinaen in Jayapura.

However, the provincial government said they would not negotiate with the company about this late payment. Further, the governor refused Freeport to pay their tax based on goodwill but their income and profits. “This has caused the out-target payment. Even the plenary to discuss the water surface tax 2017-2018 is still running until now,” he said.

Meanwhile, the First Vice Chairman of Papua Parliament Edoardus Kaize said Papua Provincial Budget 2019 consists more than IDR 895.8 billion in local incomes, more than IDR 4.4 trillion in a balanced fund, and IDR 8.6 trillion in net revenue.

“However, the regional expenditures were more than IDR 13.8 trillion consisted of IDR 6.6 trillion of indirect expenditures, IDR 7.2 trillion of direct expenditures and IDR 50 billion of budget surplus,” said Kaize. (*)


Reporter: Alexander Loen

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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